Classification and Application of Basalt Fiber

Continuous basalt fiber, due to its unique features such as chemical resistance, temperature resistance, water vapor permeability and porosity, is applied in various spheres of industry.


Car Industry – composite materials, thermal and sound insulation materials for the production of a vehicle mufflers, panels, thermal insulation pads, screens, plastics, reinforcing materials for manufacturing brake pads and clutch plates, construction plastics, nonflammable composite materials, cords for tires, chopped strands for reinforcing plastics and other materials. Materials for manufacturing fuel tanks,LPG cylinders and compressed natural gas.

Shipbuilding Industry – composite materials, resistant to sea water, the sound insulation of marine facilities, equipment,thermal insulation boards for ship hulls, bulkheads, construction materials.

Railroad Car Industry– composite construction materials and products, thermal sound insulation, the reinforcement of structural plastics, nonflammable composite materials, electrical insulating materials,resistant paint coatings.

Aviation Industry and Rocket Engineering–  heat insulating canvases, trimmed with waterproofing material for thermal and sound insulation of engines and fuselage, structural composites and high-temperature materials.

Energy – composite materials, the insulation of thermal equipment for steam boilers, turbines, high-voltage electrical insulation materials.


Nuclear Energy– non-flammable thermal insulation and construction materials, fireproof doors, cable corridors, materials for radiation protection.


Electronic Industry– reinforcing materials for the production of circuit boards, electrical insulation materials, construction materials for the cases of electronic equipment.

Chemical Industry– production of chemical materials and products: pipes, tanks for aggressive liquids, acids, alkalis, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and toxic substances.

Chemical-resistant protective coating of tanks, pipelines, metal structures, reinforced concrete structures.


Filters against dust, filtration of industrial effluents,high temperature filters.


Petrochemical Industry– chemical and abrasion resistant coverings for tanks, pipelines, oil pipelines. Incombustible coating and composite materials.Fire-resistant composite materials.


Metallurgy – heat insulation materials for thermal equipment, furnaces, heat exchangers, pipelines, communications.


Filters made of CBF for filtration of molten metal during casting. Filters for purification of waste gases from dust at mining and metallurgical plants.

Cryogenic equipment – thermal insulation materials in the production of liquefied gases, liquid oxygen, nitrogen and others.